The useless Wiki


Our old background picture

Originally there was a sign as the background picture however over time they have changed and now we have this one


The true origins of the first sign are unknown. Scientists believe that the sign was made somewhere in Russia in the 1600's to let the people know how useless this wiki truely is. He is quite possibly the most well regarded and respected pic out of them all. due to this he still looks like he is 18

Our second sign goes way back to Donald Trump's first trip to the wall store when suddenly he saw this sign and the decided to buy it. he is the youngest of them all. he is looking forward to big school.

The 3rd background picture was recovered from ancient scriptures found deep in the Australian outback. her age is unknown as the scriptures date back to creation itself. but she still makes a point to retain her youth and doesn't look a day over 18

How is this useless?

The lore behind our background pictures are not required for everyday life. in fact this only adds to the useless cinematic universe and serves no purpose in the long run.